Kate Middleton Melts Queen Elizabeth’s Heart With These Photos Prompting Her To Issue A Rare Personal Statement

Kate Middleton Queen Elizabeth Hold Still Project

During the coronavirus pandemic, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has been hard at work with various charities and organizations all focusing on the British people’s betterment.

Kate Middleton has also undertaken some of her own projects to uplift the spirits of the many people doing their parts to keep some sense of normalcy during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Recently, Kate unveiled the “Hold Still” project on social media that delighted her millions of followers.

Duchess Kate was overwhelmed with the project’s success that received more than 31,500 entries from British participants.

Some of the powerful photos featured parents struggling to homeschool their children, nurses working overtime to care for those struck with COVID-19, religious leaders praying in empty churches, and everyday citizens caring for their elderly neighbors.

Prince William‘s wife had the tough choice to pick 100 pictures for the final collection that will be virtually displayed for the world to see.

The digital exhibition moved Queen Elizabeth II who decided to issue a rare statement on what Kate was able to accomplish.

Queen Elizabeth had this to say: “It was with great pleasure that I had the opportunity to look through a number of portraits that made the final 100 images for the Hold Still photography project. The Duchess of Cambridge and I were inspired to see how the photographs have captured the resilience of the British people at such a challenging time.”

Her Majesty added: “The Duchess of Cambridge and I send our best wishes and congratulations to all those who submitted a portrait to the project.”

The Duchess of Cambridge said the following about the inspirational project: “We’ve all been struck by some of the incredible images we’ve seen, which have given us an insight into the experiences and stories of people across the country. Some desperately sad images showing the human tragedy of this pandemic and other uplifting pictures showing people coming together to support those more vulnerable.”

The mother of three continued: “Hold Still aims to capture a portrait of the nation, the spirit of the nation, what everyone is going through at this time. Photographs reflecting resilience, bravery, kindness – all those things that people are experiencing.”

A royal fan praised the future Queen Consort for her passion and dedication with this comment: “Beautiful portraits. So many different stories of how people experienced lockdown. This project is so special. Thank you, Duchess Catherine, for leading this initiative and sharing these images with us. And well done to everyone who participated. This is something that will last forever as a reminder of people’s resilience and our sense of community spirit during an extremely difficult time. 🙏🏻💕”

This social media user stated: “The people presenting beautiful images. Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, encouraging creativity during trying times. This project is priceless. Not even a media company shelling out millions of pounds could produce such thought-provoking images. Bravo to our Duchess.”

Kate has found her place in the British monarchy, and her fans believe she is just getting started.


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