Iconic Supermodel Reacts To Halle Berry’s Unexpected Fashion Move In Viral Photo

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Halle Berry is a fashion icon who has worn some daring looks over the decades, including the burgundy creation the night she won her Oscar and the jaw-dropping bikini as a Bond girl.

This week, the actress took an unexpected approach to fashion by wearing socks and sandals. The former beauty queen shared a post on social media where she is wearing a black sweater dress sitting outside on a breezy day.

Berry opted to wear a pair of stunning studded cage sandals with socks. It is a well-known fact that most people get disapproval looks when they wear socks and sandals, so what on earth got into Berry to go for such a fashion trend?

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love is in the hair

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The fitness enthusiast picked the memorable socks because they had the words, “I am a voter” splashed on them.

In the past weeks, Berry has been using clothes and socks to encourage Americans to register to vote in the upcoming election, and the queen of fashion and runway legend Naomi Campbell approves.

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‘NUF SAID…. @iamavoter

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The iconic model had this reaction to Berry’s photo: “Love this picture of you. ♥️♥️♥️”

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Never been a shady beach. 😂

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In a recent interview, Berry spoke about forging her way in Hollywood after discovering that winning an Oscar did not equate to bigger and better opportunities.

Berry revealed: “I think it’s largely because there was no place for someone like me. I thought, ‘Oh, all these great scripts are going to come my way; these great directors are going to be banging on my door.’ It didn’t happen. It actually got a little harder. They call it the Oscar curse. You’re expected to turn in award-worthy performances.”

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Back at the beach. 🌊

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The star went on to say why that tremendous moment in her life was also a major heartbreak: “It’s one of my biggest heartbreaks. The morning after, I thought, ‘Wow, I was chosen to open a door.’ And then, to have no one … I question, ‘Was that an important moment, or was it just an important moment for me?’ I wanted to believe it was so much bigger than me. It felt so much bigger than me, mainly because I knew others should have been there before me, and they weren’t.”

Berry also explained how it pushed her to become self-made and self-sufficient: “Just because I won an award doesn’t mean that, magically, the next day, there was a place for me. I was just continuing to forge a way out of no way.”

Many celebrities are doing all that they can to encourage more Americans to vote in the November election.


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