Rihanna Surprises Fans With New Boyfriend, Hairstyle, And Album Update

Rihanna New Boyfriend Hairstyle ASAP Rocky Photo

Rihanna surprised her fans with many things in 2020. She dropped the bombshell that she has found love again with rapper and fashion enthusiast A$AP Rocky, (born Rakim Mayers).

A source confirmed to PEOPLE Magazine that the Fenty mogul and A$AP are in love and cannot stay away from each other.

The person claimed that since splitting from billionaire Hassan Jameel in January, Rihanna and the MC have bonded and added: “They’ve been inseparable the past few weeks. It’s a new relationship, but they both seem very into it.”

Recently, the diva debuted a daring new look that took fans down memory lane. The 32-year-old Barbadian beauty was seen with a captivating new haircut that was quite popular during the 1980s — a mullet!

The style, which is usually preferred by men, suited the “Umbrella” singer perfectly, as she was spotted walking around in Santa Monica this week.

The green-eyed star happily showed the unusual hairstyle while making a fashion statement. She wore an oversized shirt with the print of a big marijuana leaf at the front and the logo of the metal band Pantera.

Besides, the celebrity opted for a pair of elegant trousers in white and green nuances that accentuated her exquisite white Fenty heels with elaborate straps around the ankles.

During her outing, Rihanna was seen dining at renowned Italian restaurant Giorgio Baldi in the company of her friend and hairstylist Yusef Williams.

This is not the first time that the “Diamonds” performer is sporting this type of stylish haircut, as she also had a mullet back in 2013 during the New York Fashion Week.

Meanwhile, Yusef’s look was equally spectacular as he appeared at the place with an oversized light-brown coat in a bold leopard print in combination with a black shirt, pants, and sneakers in black and white.

However, Rihanna is not the only female celebrity who rocked a mullet in the past years, as singer Miley Cyrus is also a fan of the hairstyle.

The “Midnight Sky” singer started the year with a completely changed look, and she shared a picture of her mullet hairstyle on Instagram.

Fans of the Barbadian artist, known as Rihanna Navy, are desperate for her to drop her ninth studio album, and Pharrell Williams, who is collaborating with her, decided to spill some tea.

While chatting with Rick Rubin as part of the Broken Record Podcast, he made these revelations: “It’s been a minute. Oh yeah, it’s really her at the end of the day, what she wants…sound-wise, I was trying to just make something that looks and feels like she does. She talks about what she wants to feel, and then it’s my job to reverse engineer that…it’s the feeling first.”

The mega-producer went on to say: “We’re reverse engineering that feeling and trying to turn that into something. You just kind of dive in and go for it…that doesn’t really take too long to crack. You have coordinates, you know where you’re going, you know what you’re looking for, you’ll know when you’re there.”

He added: “We got the right writers for the right kind of tone and myself, so we kind of like just really wrestle and grapple until we feel like we’re really hitting that specific note.”

RiRi seems to be in a good place and ready to conquer the world again.


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