Charlotte McKinney Reveals Her Stunning Figure In New Photos During Her Hot Winter Vacation In Miami

Charlotte McKinney Nathan Kostechko Miami Vacation Photos

Charlotte McKinney enjoyed a day out at the beach on Sunday, sharing some sexy pictures with her 1.5 million Instagram followers.

The 27-year-old model and actress wore a tiny black bikini set from Pretty Little Thing that made it possible for her to show off her toned stomach and curly blonde beach hair as she sunbathed and posed while sitting on the sand.

Three of the five photos McKinney posted to Instagram also featured a cotton zebra print dress covering most of her body. Fans and celebrity friends filled the comments section with positive messages.

The model has been spending time in Miami recently with her artist boyfriend, Nathan Kostechko, who she has been dating since 2018.

Kostechko, 36, replied to his girlfriend’s recent Instagram post with a comment that read, “Bigger the cake, better the party,” with McKinney replying to apologize for his cake was not big enough and telling him “maybe next year.”

Charlotte McKinney first gained fame on Instagram, but her career-defining moment was a 2015 Super Bowl commercial for a Carl’s Jr “all-natural” burger, which starred McKinney strutting past several men as she goes “all-natural” with no clothes on.

At the end of the ad, she takes a bite of the burger as viewers see her full figure covered only by a tiny bikini top and bottoms.

In November, McKinney spoke about the physical and mental toll that the coronavirus pandemic and restrictions have been taking on people’s lives, including her own.

She addressed the importance she places on fitness in order to promote her own physical and mental wellbeing.

Talking to Maxim last month, she opened up about her physical and mental health, saying: “Fitness plays a vital role in both my physical and mental health. So it was important for me to try and implement a similar routine but in the safety of my home.”

She added: “Right now, my main focus is really in the acting space, doing as many auditions as possible that fit my passion, one of which is comedy. I think modeling will always be a part of my life, but acting is much more meaningful and what feeds my soul right now. We live in such a different, kind of, crazy world right now; I do love the ability to laugh and poke fun at things. Not taking anything too seriously really is the name of the game right now.”

This year, McKinney has starred in The Argument, Guest House, and the horror movie Fantasy Island. All three were filmed before the coronavirus pandemic.


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