Katie Holmes’s New Boyfriend, Emilio Vitolo Jr, Is The Opposite Of Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes Tom Cruise Emilio Vitolo Jr Relationship

Fans of Katie Holmes have been closely following her relationship with Emilio Vitolo Jr. It seems like things between the two might be moving too low-profile for most people’s tastes.

For several weeks, rumors were running wild, claiming that the couple was planning to take their relationship to the next level over the holidays — with Emilio Vitolo Jr. asking the important question — that does not seem to have happened so far.

A source told OK!: “Katie is totally and utterly in love. She has never felt like this before, and he feels the same way about her. We were all expecting him to pop the question over the holidays.”

If Emilio Vitolo Jr. and Katie Holmes did get engaged, they have decided to keep mum for now. However, that has not sopped the shortage of rumors about the potential wedding happening soon.

There are tons of pictures of Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr. on the Internet where they are strolling in New York streets, kissing, and hugging.

The insider explained that Holmes’s romance with Vitolo is very different from what she had with her ex-husband, Tom Cruise.

According to the source, Holmes shut down with Tom Cruise, but she feels like she can tell her new man all her secrets.

The person familiar with the situation revealed: “This relationship is the opposite of what she had with Tom Cruise. Emilio isn’t trying to change her. He loves her exactly as she is. Katie has never spoken about Tom. Very few people know what really went on inside that marriage. Even her closest friends have only a glimmer of what Tom was like in private, except for Emilio. Katie has shared everything with him. These two have no secrets.”

While backers have been very excited about the romance, both Holmes and Vitolo are keeping things under wraps for now. And it does not seem like they are too eager to break the silence.

They are both been known for their secretive attitude to their relationships — none of them have spoken to the media about their private lives.

Note that the businessman did write a sweet message for Holmes on her 42nd birthday. He professed his love to her by saying: “The most amazing, kindest, beautiful person. Every time I see your face, it makes me smile. Happy Birthday!!! I love you!!”

Holmes responded by: “Thank you so much, my Love. I love u too!!!!!”

The source concluded by: “She’s found peace and true love at last. Emilio came into her life at the perfect time, and every day since has been blissful.”

Fans are rooting for Holmes to be happy.


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