Demi Moore Shows Her Perfect Face And Wild Hair In New Photos After Plastic Surgery Rumors

Demi Moore Fendi Fashion Week Plastic Surgery

Demi Moore has shared a selfie on her Instagram page, showing off her beautiful and flawless face, just weeks after sparking cosmetic surgery rumors on the catwalk for Fendi’s Fashion Week.

The 58-year-old model opened Fendi’s Fashion Week with a stunning outfit by creative director Kim Jones, but it was her face that really got fans talking.

Supporters of Demi Moore began wondering whether she had undergone cosmetic procedures after images from the virtual fashion event were released and showed lower cheekbones than usual.

And this week, Moore showed her 2.2 million Instagram followers that she does not even need any make-up, as she posted a brand new selfie lying down on a bed with her cute dog, Merple.

Wearing a pair of stylish glasses and a casual grey shirt, Moore looked into the camera and showed off her flawless complexion, free from wrinkles.

Recent social media posts like this one have reassured fans that Demi Moore was, in fact, wearing heavy makeup during Fendi’s Fashion Week on January 27, making her cheekbones appear much higher than usual.

Alongside the make-up-free selfie, she also shared a short clip pretending to scream as Merple pulled on her hair.

She captioned the post, “Monday hair by Merple.”

One fan said Moore’s natural face was perfect and added: “You’re so perfect!! How do you not have grey hair? Or dark circles under your eyes!? I’m so jealous, we’re about the same age, and I look (and feel) 110! đŸ˜«â€â€â€đŸ„‚đŸ„‚đŸ„‚đŸ€™đŸŒđŸ€™đŸŒđŸ€™đŸŒ”

Demi Moore was also seen looking youthful and radiant the week after the fashion event when she chatted with fellow model Naomi Campbell on her YouTube series.

They had both appeared in the pre-taped video for Fendi’s Fashion Week, showcasing the brand’s spring/summer collection this year.

Moore described the experience as “a teenage fantasy fulfilled,” which was “extremely memorable” for her.

She also spoke about how the “magical” experience was not just about the clothes for her, but more about “the full story.”

She confessed: “Truly, it didn’t hit me until afterward. It really was a teenage fantasy fulfilled. I took a moment where I thought
.oh my God. I literally just walked a runway with some of the biggest models ever. I literally felt like a little kid.”

Bella Hadid and Kate Moss were also among the big names who walked the runway earlier this year.

The iconic actress was able to get a lot of headlines from her appearance.


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